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Centrifugal spinning as an industrially scalable system; production of nano, microfibrous nonwovens thereof.

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Coating and lamination techniques are essential Systems in textiles, electronics, solar cells and automotive.

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Filtration and Separation

We introduce ultrasound assisted coating as a simple means of functionalizing nanofibrous.

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In this works, composite materials have attracted significant attention where high strength is required at lower weights.

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We work on biomedical materials are strategically important, high technology and high value added Products.

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What we do? Textile Materials & Machinery Research Group

  • Core Studies

    These projects may be fully state-supported or partly state-supported.

  • Private Works

    These projects are funded by the firm or institution that requests the Project.

  • Gümüşsuyu School

    All our friends are warmly welcome to attend our TEMAG Akademi seminars. Gümüşsuyu School is a new tradition.

  • Summer School

    Undergraduate students with specifics dreams continue work during summer times.

  • Education Programs

    Semester courses, symposiums, workshops, conferences, interviews, open sessions.

  • Testing Services

    Sample production, characterization tests, use of laboratory equipments.


Istanbul Development Agency accepted our NEFES Project.
  • Air filtration R & D center prevent hospital infections 2016
  • TEMAG Workshops: Hospital acquired infections, solutions and recent studies. January 2017, ITU Gumussuyu.
  • High mortality rate: One of the first 10 health problems is fatal.
  • 1.5 billion people live in breath of dirty air every day


For those who think of the brightest tomorrows, TEMAG opens the doors..
  • Industry and TEMAG business association realized.
  • Work in the laboratory, has provided solutions for the problems in the industry.
  • Ph.D. and MSc students made presentations about their work.


Conductor ink applications started and development process continues.
  • Silver based conductive ink is produced for ink-jet printing.
  • Printed lines have resistivity less than 5 ohm/cm2 without any post treatment.
  • Produced İnk is stable for long period of time and appropriate for commercial piezoelectric printheads.
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About Temag

Based at the Gumussuyu Campus of Istanbul Technical University, TEMAG Lab was established in 2003. The studies are concentrated on interdiciplinary field of engineered fabrics and design and manufacture of specialty instruments for such materials. Focusing on novel fiber applications, TEMAG facilities are divided as Filtration&Separation, Energy, Composites and Biomedical labs. The research is funded by Turkish Science and Technology Council and 7 international/national companies. TEMAG supports +20 graduate students and is an authority in the research of fibers in Turkey.